Kapo in Jerusalem [קאפו בירושלים]


This stage play is an adaptation of the screenplay Kapo in Jerusalem, which was directed by Uri Barbash and produced by Haim Sharir in 2014. The screenplay and stage play are partially inspired by the life of Eliezer Greenbaum who was born in Poland in 1908 and who was a deputy blockführer (block leader) in Auschwitz between 1942 and 1945, then immigrated to Israel in 1946, lived in Jerusalem and died in the battle for Kibbutz Ramat Rachel during Israel's War of Independence in 1948. The play is set in Jerusalem. Most of it consists of monologues by the characters. Bruno’s monologues take place at the end of May 1948, before setting out for battle at Ramat Rachel. The monologues of the other characters take place in 1950. The monologues are primarily internal discourses, which the others can see and hear and to which they can react.
Format: Drama
Cast Size: 8M/2F
Character breakdown

Bruno Kaminsky, 40, doctor, previously blockführer (block leader) in Auschwitz
Sarah Reich, 36, pianist, Bruno’s wife, Auschwitz survivor
Karol Dubnov, 60, doctor, chairman of the Jerusalem Medical Association
Yulia Dubnov, 56, Karol’s wife
Meir Zimmerman, 45, poet, Auschwitz survivor
Anton Kinstler, 40, unemployed, Auschwitz survivor
Dov Kovarsky, 45, manger of a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, Auschwitz survivor
Anshel Schwartz, 30, mentally ill, Auschwitz survivor
David Antman, 56, engineer, Auschwitz survivor
Shmuel Wiessman, 35, shoemaker, ultra-orthodox, Auschwitz survivor


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Original Language: Hebrew
English Language Translator: Roy Isacowitz
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