King of the Jews


When a runaway boy seeks refuge in their cafe, ten unassuming Jews in Nazi-occupied Poland find themselves selected to form a Jewish ghetto council in charge of policing their own people. Led by the morally ambiguous Doctor Trumpelman, the council revels in their newfound power until they are faced with the impossible task of handing over the names of 100 of their fellow Jews. Unable to choose and unable to disobey, the council members grapple with the assignment of sentencing their own people to death.
Format: Drama
Cast Size: 10M/2F
Running time: 100–120 minutes


Original or Prominent Production: Boston Playwrights’ Theatre (workshop production), Boston MA, February–March 2007; Olney Theatre Center, Olney MD, March–April 2009.
Original Source Material: Adapted from Epstein’s novel, King of the Jews.
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: English


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