Long After Crystal Night


Seymour Goldstein's Beverly Hills household is in for an emotion-packed weekend. He's attended a meeting to decide whether Jewish militants should be allowed to speak to his B'nai B'rith lodge, causing everyone in the family to confront their roots and question their lives, history, future, motivations, their relationships with each other and society and, ultimately, their personal courage and convictions. What could be the unraveling of an American-Jewish family. Full of humor and gut-wrenching emotion, the climax is devastating, compelling satisfying. A play about Every Man for Every Man.
Format: Full Length, Drama/Comedy
Cast Size: 7M, 2W


Original or Prominent Production: The New Federal Theater, NYC, 1988
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: Englsih

Samuel French, 1986

Production Rights Holder:

Samuel French

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