Magda and Josef

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Adapted by David F. Eliet from Yaffa Eliach’s Hasidic Tales of the Holocaust, this is the true story of a young woman who risked her life to do the right thing when so many others were turning their backs and pretending not to see what was going on around them. Set during the Holocaust, Magda, a young non-Jewish woman, undertakes a perilous journey to secure a document that will help to save the life of the Jewish man she loves.
Format: short play/drama
Cast Size: 3M/6F
Running time: 30 minutes
Character breakdown

Narrator/Inquisitors 1 and 2
Woman on the train
Government man
Business man
Magda’s mother


Original or Prominent Production: Premiered at The Cleveland Play House in a production by the Cleveland Play House/Ohio University Lab Company.
Original Source Material: Yaffa Eliach’s Hasidic Tales of the Holocaust.
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Original Language: English

Samuel French

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Samuel French

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