Magda’s Story


Magda’s Story is based on certain episodes in the life of Mária Magdaléna Bednarová. It tells the true story of Magda, a young Slovak woman, who risked her life to save the life of one Jewish man. The story is one of personal courage by an ordinary person, and shows how everyone had the choice to help or turn away. It is the answer for anyone who ever said: "What could I have done, I was just an ordinary person.”
Format: Full-length drama
Cast Size: 6M/4F
Running time: 90 minutes
Character breakdown

Written for 10 actors
Narrator-Inquisitor 1 (male)
Narrator-Inquisitor 2 (female)
Josef Zachar
People on the train
Woman on the train
Second woman on the train
Government man
Other passengers
People from the war years
Magda’s mother
Girl 1 — Magda’s roommate
Girl 2 — Magda’s roommate
Waiter at the Carlton Hotel
A Jewish youth
Second Jewish youth
First Jewish mother
Second Jewish mother
Government man
The Man
Man in a bathrobe
The other man
Additional people after the war
Woman friend of Magda’s
Voice on the loud speaker
Government woman
Daniela — Magda’s daughter


Original or Prominent Production: Museum of Tolerance, Simon Wiesenthal Center, Los Angeles, November 1996.
Original Source Material: Gregory Fabian, Magda Bednarova, Daniela Rozgonova, Juraj Spitzer
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: English
Production Rights Holder:

Samuel French

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