Mendelssohn Does Not Live Here Anymore


Because of the scarcity of wallpaper during WWII, Gritt, a beautiful musician, papers the walls with old music sheets, including her newly discovered favorite, unaware of Felix Mendelssohn's Jewish background. After her dedicated officer husband Alf's initial erotic bantering, he discovers his wife’s love for Mendelssohn’s music and flies into a rage. He then tries to educate her on the danger of Jewish art and music. She does not understand his violent anti-Semitism and refuses to give up her love for Mendelssohn's music. Her resistance leads to his destructive action and a surprise ending.
Format: Short play
Cast Size: 1M/1F
Running time: 15 minutes
Character breakdown

Gritt, wife, who loves Mendelssohn’s music.
Alf, husband, young German officer, who hates anything Jewish.


Original or Prominent Production: Jewish Ensemble Theatre, Bloomfield, MI
Original Source Material: Interviews with older Germans on their recollections of what people said about Mendelssohn during the Third Reich, plus countless historical documents.
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: English, also available in German

Self-published, 2008

Production Rights Holder:

Henrik Eger