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Set in the 1950s on Manhattan's Upper West Side, Meshugah is a tragicomic portrait of a community of recent Jewish émigrés living in the wake of the Holocaust. When Aaron Greidinger, a struggling novelist and advice columnist, falls in love with the beautiful mistress of a friend from his Warsaw past, dark secrets and bizarre twists threaten to break up the unusual romance. Emily Mann’s adaptation of Singer's love story of lost souls in a world gone meshugah.
Format: Full-length play
Cast Size: 3M/2F



Isaac Bashevis Singer, a Polish-born Jewish-American author, is among the most important Jewish writers of the twentieth century, and is a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for literature (1978).

Original or Prominent Production: Kirk Theatre, New York, May 2003.
Original Source Material: Isaac Bashevis Singer’s novel Meshugah (1994).
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Original Language: English

Samuel French

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Samuel French

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