Mezhirichi [‘מזריץ]

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In Mezhirichi, Ukraine, nine Jews hide in a low-ceiling attic, right above the Gestapo headquarters, for more than a year. They cannot stand, only crawl, but they try to live a full life, celebrating holidays, learning Hebrew, having group discussions, etc. The story is told through the eyes of 15-year-old Inna. The men would leave at night sometimes, to steal food, clean their shelter and take revenge on local collaborators. The Jews didn't know each other before, but had to learn to manage, even though they are very different. The group is something of a microcosm of European Jewry: an orthodox Jew, a communist, a Zionist, Bourgeoisie, left wing, right wing, etc.
Format: Drama
Cast Size: 5M/4F


Original or Prominent Production: Seminar Hakibbutizim, 2004 (acting school)
Original Source Material: Based on two private diaries, and interviews
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Original Language: Hebrew
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