Miracles and Tragedies


The play recounts two journeys simultaneously. The first, the inner world of Amos, an Israeli boy on the brink of Bar Mitzvah, full of confusion and hostility. The second is the journey of his grandfather, also nearing Bar Mitzvah, during the time of the Holocaust, seeking refuge and striving to survive. The story of the grandfather and his love for his grandson comforts Amos and helps him to mature. This production has been presented over 2000 times in the past 18 years to families throughout Israel and toured throughout North America on three different occasions. The play is based on the playwright's father's memoirs. Published in Israel by the Ghetto Fighters House (Museum)
Format: Full Length


Original or Prominent Production: Nephesh Theatre
Original Source Material: Based on the playwright's father's memories.
Nationality of Author:
English Language Translator: By Beatriz Hal Translated by Howard Rypp

Ghetto Fighters House (Museum)