The Model Apartment


In this dark comedy, married Holocaust survivors, Max and Lola, are forced to live in a model apartment because their retirement condo is not ready. They are trying to escape their past, the difficulties of urban life, and their obese schizophrenic daughter, Debby, who arrives with her African-American teenage boyfriend, Neil, scarred by his urban experiences. Throughout the action it is clear the past horrors continue to impact the survivors and their child, who cannot live up to the memories of the daughter her father lost during the Holocaust.
Format: Black comedy
Cast Size: 2M/2F


Original or Prominent Production: Los Angeles, 1988
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Original Language: English

Dramatists Play Service
Also published in The Theatre of the Holocaust, v. 2, Robert Skloot, ed., University of Wisconsin Press, 1999

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Dramatists Play Service

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