Muse of Fire


Muse of Fire, which takes place in Auschwitz, 1942, is a fictional account of Jewish prisoners who take it upon themselves at grave personal risk to perform comedy. This is their story, as one group struggles to perform a farce based on the first great anti-Semitic tragedy of the twentieth century: the infamous Dreyfus Affair. As the play goes on, and dark secrets begin to emerge about the reason for its performance, those performing must ask themselves, can comedy truly have meaning in the face of horror? Who really has the last laugh?
Format: Full-length drama/comedy
Cast Size: 8M
Character breakdown

Haas: Dreyfus
Georg: Henry
Adolph: Maurel
Emmanuel: Mercier
Gonse: Le Matin
Boisdeffre: Matthieu
Imre: De Clam
Max: Breucker, La Libre Parole, Picquart

The cast is comprised of 8 men of varying ages. After the colon is the name of the “role” the characters are playing within the play.



For additional reading, see the paper “Last Expression: Art from Auschwitz: Theatrical Performance at Auschwitz-Birkenau” by Rebecca Rovit, property of the Block Museum of Art, Northwestern University.

Original or Prominent Production: Manhattan Repertory Theatre, NY, October 29–November 9, 2014; Redtwist Theatre, Chicago, February 13–March 13, 2016.
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Original Language: English
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