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A woman and a teenage girl are the main female characters in this 1953 play by a prominent Israeli writer and playwright, winner of the Israel Prize for Hebrew Literature in 2012. The play deals with Holocaust survivors' adaptation in Israel. Helena is the wife and Lisa is the daughter of Dr. Arthur Auerbach, engineer and director at a Dead Sea mineral resource company. Lisa survived the Holocaust hidden in a monastery, while her father was in Auschwitz. She lives with her father in Sodom but her mother refuses to live far away from the city and accuses her husband, suspected of being a kapo, of wanting to hide in a deserted place. However, Helena also seems to be hiding her wartime past. Each of these Holocaust survivors is burdened by a difficult history.


Original or Prominent Production: The play was performed at the Cameri Theatre, Tel Aviv, in 1954.
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: Hebrew

The text was published by Or-Am in 1989.

Production Rights Holder:

The manuscript is in Shaham’s archive, Kipp Research Center of Hebrew Culture and Literature, Tel Aviv University.