Refuge of Lies


A former Nazi working as a professor in Canada is hunted down by a Jewish reporter who demands justice. The professor is considered a "good" man—haunted by his past and tormented by the reporter's pursuit. Based on the true story of Nazi collaborator, Jacob Luitjens.
Format: Drama
Cast Size: 4M/3F
Character breakdown

Rudi Vanderwaal, immigrant from Holland and Paraguay, 73 years old.
Netty Vanderwaal, Rudi’s wife
Conrad De Groening, Rudi’s friend/Pieter Vanderwaal, Rudi’s father
Hanni De Groening, Conrad’s wife
Anna Cummings, Simon’s niece
Jake Neufeld, Rudi’s Mennonite pastor/Dominee, Rudi’s pastor in Paraguay
Man, Orthodox rabbi/Simon Katzman, journalist from Holland


Original or Prominent Production: First produced by Theatre & Company, February 25, 1994 at Water Street Theatre, Kitchener, Ontario ; Lion Theatre, New York, 2008
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: English