Rosa & Leo


Five decades after secretly falling in love in a Nazi concentration camp, Rosa and Leo rediscover each other on opposite sides of the world.
Format: One Act Play
Cast Size: 1M,1W
Character breakdown

Rosa – Every one of her 75 years and speaks with a heavy Polish accent. She looks like she’s just returned from a funeral: black clothes, black mood. Her wispy hair
unruly, unkept.

Leo – It’s hard to believe that this 75-year-old was the Polish Casanova who could famously get any woman. Not that he’s stopped believing it. His accent is pure New York. He wears a dapper suit, bow tie, suspenders.


Original or Prominent Production: Winner of Best International Play @ The International Festival of Ten-Minute Plays, Lost & Found @ Raze The Space (USA) June 2020
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: English

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