Roundheads and Peakheads


Brecht’s play is an allegorical representation of Nazi Germany and its attacks on Jews. The play is set in a fictitious nation in which the authoritarian political figures control society by suggesting that those with pointed heads are inferior to those with roundheads. The reason that the political leaders do this is to mask the significant economic issues. Brecht’s play, which is based on Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, contains 11 scenes in prose and blank verse and 13 songs.
Format: Play with 13 songs
Cast Size: 12M/6F
Running time: 2 hours


Original or Prominent Production: Riddersalen Theatre 1936, Danish language production
Original Source Material: Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: German
English Language Translator: Eric Bentley

Samuel French

Production Rights Holder:

Samuel French