See Under: Love [עייך ערך אהבה]


Herr Neigel, a concentration camp commander, discovers an old Jewish man who keeps coming out alive from the gas chambers, unable to die. When he summons the man, Anshel Wasserman, to his office, he discovers that Wasserman was the author of Neigel's favorite book series as a child: The Children of the Heart. He makes a deal with Wasserman: Wasserman will tell him new adventures of The Children of the Heart, a chapter each night, and in return Neigel will try to kill Wasserman, who wants to die. But every time he is shot, Wasserman survives. Wasserman starts trying to reach into Neigel's heart, changing him, evoking his humanity.
Format: Drama
Cast Size: 5M/2F


Original or Prominent Production: A Traveling Jewish Theatre, San Francisco, 2000
Original Source Material: David Grossman’s 1989 novel (as translated by Betsy Rosenberg)
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: English

Contained in Nine Contemporary Jewish Plays by Ellen Schiff and Michael Posnick, University of Texas Press.