The Soap Myth


A young female Jewish journalist is implored by a Holocaust survivor to report his story about the Nazi atrocity of manufacturing soap from the fat of Jewish corpses. She becomes entangled in the politics of Holocaust scholarship, survivor memory, and Holocaust denial.
Format: One-act drama
Cast Size: 2M/2F



Filmed version of play and related educational documentary I Will Refuse to Bubble are available from the National Jewish Theater Foundation and are also available worldwide by streaming or download via
A video recording of the play is available through The Soap Myth website.

Original or Prominent Production: Premiere 2012, Miriam Steinberg Theatre, NYC. Originally presented at South Street Seaport before undergoing an extensive rewrite and being subsequently produced by the National Jewish Theater Foundation at the Roundabout Theater Company’s Steinberg Theater Center in the spring of 2012.
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Original Language: English
Production Rights Holder:

National Jewish Theater Foundation

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