The Stroop Report


Jurgen Stroop was the SS General in charge of the final liquidation of the Warsaw ghetto and wrote a report on his handling of the situation. But his propaganda is not the focus of the play; instead the production follows the lives of seven Jewish residents of Warsaw from the entrance of the Nazis to the end of the uprising in the Ghetto. The importance of the insurrection in Warsaw is that it was the first and largest resistance during the war by the Jewish population of Europe.
Format: Full-length drama
Character breakdown

Jurgen Stroop — a police general of the SS
Adam Czerniakow — head of the Jewish Council
Mordechai Anielewicz — leader of the Warsaw uprising
Abraham Lewin — a teacher
Luba Lewin — Abraham’s wife
Arie Wilner — a member of the Jewish Council
Mira Fuchrer — Mordechai’s lover and Luba’s sister
Simcha Mazor — a cobbler
Jewish woman 1
Jewish man 1
Jewish man 2
Colonel Kraftmeier — a German officer
Klaus/Joseph Gepner — a German soldier/Jewish police officer
German 1


Original or Prominent Production: Chance Theater, Orange County, 2000.
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Original Language: English
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Robert Preston Jones

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