The major characters in Bond’s drama, set in an Eastern European resort island prior to the fall of Communism, are the visiting Xenia, the daughter of once wealthy and locally distinguished landlords, and Marthe, her former servant now running the confiscated family villa as a guest house. Xenia emigrated to England following her father's incarceration for being a Nazi collaborator during World War II. During her annual visits, Xenia’s daughter, Ann has engaged in a summertime affair with the former servant’s son, David (David), a local doctor. During the course of the action, the audience discovers that even though Xenia saved Marthe’s life during the war, the servant turned against the family. Another character connected to the Holocaust is a German tourist, who revisits the island on which he served as a Nazi and where the Nazis interned and massacred prisoners.
Format: Drama
Cast Size: 2M/3F


Original or Prominent Production: Cottesloe Theatre, National Theatre, London 1982
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: English
Production Rights Holder:

Dramatic Publishing, U.S. and Canada only