Surviving Mama


As Marlena, a Holocaust survivor, becomes increasingly forgetful and eccentric, her daughters are in turmoil. We see the escape, the terrible price Mama pays for a visa, and the emotional aftermath for the entire family once they are reunited in America. Courageous and strong, Mama is a survivor to the end. "Nobody dictates to me!"
Format: Full-length drama
Character breakdown

Mother (Marlena)
Gustav (Husband)
Three Daughters
Nazi, Priest, Buyer, Boyfriend, Landlord


Original or Prominent Production: Edgemar Theater, Santa Monica, CA.
Original Source Material: True events as experienced by the author, some rendered in her award-winning books for young adults, Journey to America trilogy (National Jewish Book Award among many others — in print since 1970). 
Nationality of Author: |
Original Language: English
Production Rights Holder:

Sonia Levitin, Sunny Productions, Los Angeles, California.