Table: Classwork [השולחן: עבודת כיתה]


Four witnesses are questioned by an investigator about a roundup by the Gestapo, when 1,300 Jews were murdered. The investigator focuses on a technical detail, a table or desk, which may or may not have been there. The witnesses can't agree if there was a table there, or what size it was. The show focuses on the quality of memory, and the hard time German lawmen gave witnesses, demanding they remember objective and trivial details. The show is held in a classroom.
Format: Performance
Cast Size: 4 M or F


Original or Prominent Production: 2009; Initial version in Tzavta Theater 2007
Original Source Material: Based on two short stories by Ida Fink from the book Collected Works, Am Oved, 2004
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: Hebrew
Experience(s) Chronicled: