The Tattooed Man Tells All


A one-man show that takes place in a studio apartment in a public housing project in Vienna, circa 1975. At one point the old man pulls his old zebra-striped camp uniform out of the closet and insists that the interviewer try it on for size. The uniform becomes a life-sized marionette. Man and marionette change places, the marionette becomes the protagonist’s former self and the protagonist himself takes on the role of the tormentor.
Format: One-man show
Cast Size: 1M


Original or Prominent Production: The Total Theatre Lab, Fales Library, New York University, NYC, 2000.
Original Source Material: Loosely based on interviews the playwright conducted with aging survivors in 1975 in Vienna, Eastern Europe and Israel, on a Thomas J. Watson Foundation Fellowship. The interviews now comprise The Peter Wortsman Oral History Collection at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C.
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Original Language: English
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Playwright Peter Wortsman

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