Tatyana Markus: Hero of Ukraine


Tatyana Markus was only 19 years old when the Nazis invaded Ukraine and took control of Kiev. She joined the Underground Communist Resistance in Kiev with her father and boyfriend. She was responsible for dozens of Nazis' deaths, mostly all by herself. She was captured shortly before her 21st birthday and was tortured for 5 months by the Nazis until her death. She never gave them any information.
Format: Full Length, Drama
Cast Size: 21-25 cast members with doubling of minor roles
Character breakdown

Tatyana (Tanya) Markus – Jewish resistance fighter
Yossif Markus – Tatyana’s father; Jewish resistance fighter
George Levitsky – Tatyana’s boyfriend; resistance fighter
Vladimir Kudryashov – Leader of Kyiv Resistance
Myronovych – Gestapo officer who falls in love with Tatyana and is her last victim.
Aleksander Falko – Second leader of Kyiv Resistance
Katherine – A guerrilla fighter who shared a cell with Tatyana
Typist – A typist for the Nazis; a woman.
Mother –Wife to Yossif, Mother to Tatyana. She escapes and survives.
Otto – General sent by Hitler from Berlin to deal with the underground fighters in Kyiv.



Date of authorship: June 2017-May 2019

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Original Source Material: Many online sources
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Original Language: English


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Ariana Martineau

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