Kurt the God [Il Dio Kurt]


Il Dio Kurt, translated as Kurt the God, by Alberto Moravia, who was born to a Jewish father and had to publish his earliest works anonymously due to fascist Italy's anti-Semitism, is characterized by the author as a tragedy in two acts with a prologue. The drama is set in a Nazi concentration camp in Poland in 1944. The commandant of the camp, Kurt, who believes himself to be cultured, coerced his Jewish college friend Saul to act out the Oedipus play by unknowingly killing his father and sleeping with his mother. When Kurt reveals what he has made Saul do, the Jewish prisoner kills the commandant.
Format: Drama



For supporting material, see Goldfarb, Alvin “Greek Tragedy and the Nazi Concentration Camps,” Exchange (Fall 1980): pp. 1-10.

Nationality of Author:
Original Language: Italian

Milano: Bompiani (out of print)

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