The War Orphans

Elsa and her aunt Lina barely manage to survive in Nazi Germany by posing as Lutherans. At war's end, they emigrate to the Red Hook waterfront section of Brooklyn where they face a different kind of survival, highlighted by ignorance, prejudice and exploitation.
Format: Full Length Drama
Cast Size: 3M,3W
Character breakdown

Elsa Adelar 17 years old; an intelligent, sensitive young lady from Germany

Lina Adelar Elsa’s aunt; 40 years old, glamorous, formidable; also from Germany

Leon Greenwald 34 years old; an English Literature high school teacher;

Cosmo Paccelli 17 years old; Italian American, heavy set; slow thinking

Anna Luongo 17 years old; Italian American, bright, pretty, volatile

Dominic (Dom) Scotto 18 years old, Italian American, mature, shrewd, albeit guarded

(Note: the actor playing Leon Greenwald will also play The Gestapo Chief.
The actor playing Cosmo will also play the Gestapo corporal.)



Date of authorship: 2018

Nationality of Author:
Original Language: English
Production Rights Holder:

Lawrence DuKore

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