Thin Edge of The Wedge


The nonfiction play THIN EDGE OF THE WEDGE utilizes firsthand accounts of Holocaust survivors and saviors in a dramatic overall historic timeline narrative. These first-person monologues help students experience a closer emotional connection to the historic past and better understand the need today to safeguard democracy.
Format: One Act Drama
Cast Size: 7W, 4M
Character breakdown

PHYLLIS — American Jew — narrator

JUDITH — Lithuanian Jewish child — survivor

POLISH COUNTESS — non-Jew — savior

RADIO ANNOUNCER — American — man or woman

ELFRIEDE MORGENSTERN — German Jewish child — survivor

RUTH KLUGER — Middle European Jew — savior

IRENA SENDLER — Polish non-Jew — savior

SOL — Czech Jew — survivor

JACK PRICE — Polish Jewish child — survivor


FELICE — American Jew — daughter of a survivor



(Note that the entire one-act play script is recommended for school presentation programs while the trailer script or other script excerpts are recommended for classroom presentation and discussion.)

Original Source Material: First-hand testimonies
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: English