This Side of Eternity: The Kristallnacht Story


Germany, 1938. The Holocaust lies in the future, but the Nazi propaganda machine is using peace-time to plant its insidious seeds. Martin and Jozef find their life-long relationship tested when Hitler incites legal terrorism on his Jewish citizens. Can a Christian Nazi and his Jewish best friend hold their bond together, or will they be swept into a conflict destined to consume the entire world? In reflection of the 80th anniversary of this historic event, This Side of Eternity: The Kristallnacht Story examines the nature of evil itself, the real human beings behind genocide, and asks if it’s possible to resist in the face of insurmountable odds. It explores the subtle roots of evil that are in place long before destructive choices occur and speaks to many issues dominating our current national discourse. Clear answers are hard to find, but the heart of this play – two men who long to keep their deep bond, as external forces seek to destroy it – challenges us to keep looking.
Cast Size: 7M/3W


Original or Prominent Production: Theatre Nebula, September 2018
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: English