The Timekeepers


The Timekeepers is the story of two prisoners, a heterosexual Jewish man, formerly a well-known and well-regarded horologist from Berlin, and a Christian gay man in the Sachenhausen concentration camp, 1939. It is about the need to survive, using whatever means possible, and the ability to build relationships—in what would be considered an impossible situation.
Format: One-act
Cast Size: 3M
Running time: 95 minutes
Character breakdown

Benjamin—Jewish prisoner


Original or Prominent Production: Old Red Lion Theatre, London, 2001; Tel Aviv, Tooma Theater, 2002; Barrow Street Theatre, NYC, 2006; Edinburgh Theatre Festival, 2009; Meiningen, Eisenach, Celle, Germany, 2009–present; Cameri, 2010–12; Ft. Lauderdale Island City Stage, 2014; Open House Theatre, Vienna, 2014.
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Original Language: English; translated into Hebrew, German, and French
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