Unwrapped Gifts


Born in Berlin in 1917, Charlotte Salomon grew up in an increasingly tense world. With the rise of Nazism and as family secrets unravel, Unwrapped Gifts asks the question: can art save one’s soul? A portrait emerges of a woman and artist haunted by death, unattainable love, and a world at the abyss. Out of the blackness surrounding her, Charlotte Salomon found light and hope.
Format: Full-length play
Cast Size: 4M/4F
Character breakdown

Charlotte Salomon
Albert Salomon
Paula Lindberg-Salomon
Alfred Wolfsohn
Marianne Grunwald
Ludwig Grunwald
Ottilie Moore
Alexander Nagler


Original or Prominent Production: The Workshop Theater, NYC.
Original Source Material: Based on the life and works of Charlotte Salomon.
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: English
Production Rights Holder:

L. S. Goldberg