Viehjud Levi


The issue of continuing guilt following the war in Germany is examined in this play, which is structured almost as a mystery. Hirsch Levi, a successful German-Jewish businessman who deals in livestock, is murdered in the early years of the Nazi regime. No one has ever been punished for his murder nor has anyone been identified as the killer in a town where the population wishes not to be reminded of this early horrific act of anti-Semitism.
Format: Drama



Film: Viehjud Levi, 1999. Director: Didi Danquart with Bruno Cathomas, Caroline Ebner, Ulrich Noethen and Martina Cover

Original or Prominent Production: Popular theater in 8 scenes. Premiere: 19 November, 1982 at the Theater der Altstadt, Stuttgart. Director: Klaus Heydenreich.
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: German

Zurich: Diogenes Verlag

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