Sweet, innocent, well-meaning Gemma has a happy and wholesome life as a Catholic kindergarten schoolteacher, a hilarious sidekick in her cousin and roommate Jake, plenty of Jewish moms trying to set her up with their sons, and a heart of gold… even though it gets her into trouble sometimes. When she finds herself volunteering with a foundation that helps (and makes scarves for) rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust, Gemma wants to do more than good deeds from overseas and arranges for Magdelone, an 88-year-old Polish woman, to stay with her for two weeks. As Gemma grows close to Magdelone and her long-lost Jewish-American grandson, Victor, she becomes obsessed with the atrocities of the past and struggles with an odd form of Christian guilt, intent on healing all the world’s problems.
Format: Full-length
Cast Size: 2M/3F


Original or Prominent Production: New Jersey Playwright’s Contest, staged reading as a finalist, Grange Playhouse, Howell, NJ community run.
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: English
Production Rights Holder:

Diana Rissetto: dianagracerissetto@gmail.com