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Based on the true story of the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in which Jewish fighters gave their lives to resist deportation to Nazi concentration camps. It was the first and single largest revolt by Jews during the Holocaust and inspired many other uprisings throughout the ghettos and concentration camps of occupied Europe. The musical tells the story of Roman who is trapped in the ghetto and separated from his gentile fiancée, Ana. The couple struggle to reunite, and Roman leads a group of resistance fighters into a battle to vindicate their community.
Format: Musical
Character breakdown

Simon—Roman’s uncle
Moishe—Roman’s sister
Judith—Ana’s mother
Benjamin—Communist revolutionary
Franya—Communist revolutionary
Richter—Nazi in charge of Warsaw’s Jewish population
Strober—ghetto crime boss



John Atkins: books and lyrics
William Wade: composer, orchestrator and additional lyrics

Original or Prominent Production: The show has been performed in abbreviated form as a concert in synagogues, churches and theaters. See www.warsawthemusical.com for production history.
Original Source Material: True story of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.
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Original Language: English
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See the Warsaw website.

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