The White Rose: A One-Act Play


Based on the true story of The White Rose, a German resistance group made up of University of Munich students during WWII, the play centers on the group's core members who speak out against Adolf Hitler and National Socialism through the writing and distribution of leaflets. The group promoted passive resistance and stood against intolerance. When Hans and Sophie Scholl are arrested by the Gestapo and tried for treason after they are caught on the balcony of the University atrium from where leaflets were thrown, they find they must confess sole responsibility in an attempt to save the others.
Format: One-act drama
Cast Size: 6–8M/2–4F
Running time: Approximately one hour.
Character breakdown

Hans Scholl: Male, early to mid twenties.
Sophie Scholl: Female, early to mid twenties.
Christoph Probst: Male, early to mid twenties.
Robert Mohr: Male, mid to late forties.
Else Gebel: Female, mid to late twenties.
Judge: Male, late thirties or older
Alexander Schmorell: Male, early to mid twenties.
Willi Graf: Male, early to mid twenties.
Guard: Male or Female, any adult age
Narrator: Male or Female, young adult age.


Original or Prominent Production: Dalton Little Theatre, Dalton, GA, 2015; Dalton State College, Dalton, GA, 2015; staged reading at Chattanooga Theatre Center's Festival of New Plays, 2017.
Original Source Material: Research for the play was done through many sources but any directed assimilation into dialogue comes from The White Rose: Munich 1942–1943 by Inge Scholl.
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: English
Production Rights Holder:

Jennifer R. Jones

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