The White Rose

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Based on the true story of a youth resistance movement against the Third Reich in Germany, 1943. A group of students from the University of Munich attempted to rally support for their anti-Nazi movement by distributing leaflets titled "The White Rose." The musical traces the story of Sophie Scholl, her brother Hans and his friends, highlighting their bravery in opposing the regime.
Format: Musical
Cast Size: 11M/9F plus chorus
Character breakdown

Sophie Scholl—22, university student
Hans Scholl—24, university student
Christoph Probst—23, university student
Herta Probst—early 20s, the wife of Christoph
Willi Graf—24, university student
Alexander Schmorell—25, university student
Traute Lafrenz—23, university student
Johann Wittenstein—20, university student
Gisela Schertling—early 20s, university student

Else—shares a cell with Sophie
Hilde—callisthenics leader
Heinrich—Gestapo officer (fictional)
Eichart—senior Gestapo officer (fictional)
Professor Huber—40–60, professor of philosophy
Klaus Bath—20s, university student, supports Nazi party (fictional)
Gauleiter Geisler—30–50, govenor of the university (fictional)
Jakob Schmidt—50–60, university janitor
Girls 1, 2 and 3
Chorus of students, soldiers, girls doing calisthenics



Music by Andrew Patterson and Craig Christie; lyrics by Craig Christie; book by Harry Allen and Craig Christie.

Original or Prominent Production: First performed by students of Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, September 2003.
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Original Language: English
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