You, Fascinating You

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A headstrong Jewish ballerina, Margit Wolf, seeking her fortune in 1920s Italy falls for an up-and-coming Italian maestro, Pasquale Frustaci, and inspires the hit love song that earns him the moniker “The Italian Cole Porter.” When Mussolini issues an edict banning foreign Jews from Italy, the ballerina and her maestro are forced to separate. Twenty-two years will pass before they again meet face-to-face.
Format: Full-length musical
Cast Size: Cast size of 17 to 25 equally divided between male and female roles; doubling possible.



Germaine Shames: librettist/lyricist
Federico Ferrandina: composer

Original or Prominent Production: First read at Tucson's historic Temple of Music and Art; finalist in the Chicago Musical Theatre Festival, 2015.
Original Source Material: Adapted from You, Fascinating You, the 2012 novel by Germaine Shames: Winner of the Editor's Choice Award, Historical Novel Society.
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Original Language: English

The novel was published by Pale Fire Press in 2012. The play has yet to be published.

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Germaine Shames,

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