The Zero Hour


A play that employs the Holocaust to reflect on contemporary issues and relationships. Rebecca and her chronically unemployed butch girlfriend, O, have created a happy nest in their run-down walk-up in Queens, but things are starting to unravel. The more O pushes Rebecca to stop hiding their relationship, the more Rebecca's work life—writing a textbook for seventh graders about the Holocaust—begins to bleed into her personal life: She starts meeting World War II Nazis on the 7 train, passing as hipster professionals in New York City but hungry to come out about who they really are. Back home in Queens, O is also sparring with convincingly real visions: her long estranged—and recently dead?—mother keeps showing up to argue with her about her choices. This almost-love story explores the relationship between honesty and cruelty: How do you tell the truth about yourself when that truth might devastate the people you love?
Format: Full-length dark comedy
Cast Size: 1M/2F
Running time: 105 minutes


Original or Prominent Production: First produced by 13P (Thirteen Playwrights, Inc.) at Walkerspace, New York in 2010.
Nationality of Author:
Original Language: English

Samuel French

Production Rights Holder:

Samuel French