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Hanna Senesh [חנה סנש]

The true story of the Jewish girl the Allies sent to Nazi-occupied Hungary in an attempt to save the country’s Jewish population. Hannah Senesh was living in Israel on a kibbutz, but when the horror of the camps came to her attention, she joined the Resistance and became a paratrooper. She was sent to Hungary, where she was captured, tortured and interrogated in jail, until her identity was discovered. Her mother was also captured, in order to pressure Hanna to talk. Hannah stands trial, and in the end is sentenced to death.


A piece of dramatic documentary theatre, crafted around the historically accurate events in the life of Hannah Senesh, a paratrooper during World War II, who volunteered for a mission with the British armed forces to evacuate Jewish citizens out of her native Hungary.

Hannah Senesh

Hannah Senesh is a one-woman piece with music that recounts the true story of this heroic Hungarian-Jewish girl. Hannah Senesh was a young Jew, an ardent Zionist, who left her native Hungary on the eve of World War II and settled in Palestine. She parachuted several years later, with 31 other Palestinians, into Yugoslavia, tried to enter Hungary to help Jews escape the Nazis, was caught by the Germans, and executed at the age of 22. Despite terrible torture, she refused to betray others. Her death and her life have served as inspiration for later generations.

Hannah’s Road [דרכה של חנה]

A retelling of the heroism of Hannah Senesh, who escaped to Palestine from Nazi Europe, then parachuted into Yugoslavia to try to rescue Hungarian Jews, but was captured and executed by the Nazis at the age of 23.

The Beasts

Described as a comedy by the author, the play focuses on a fictional key member of Hitler's trusted advisors (possibly based on Rudolf Hess) who is now imprisoned by the Allies. In dream-like sequences, the jailed former high ranking official envisions former colleagues, including the Führer, Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Minister of Propaganda, and Hermann Goering, a key Nazi military leader and for a time Hitler's designated successor.