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A. H. (Before He Changed Our History) [קורות חיים]

The play puts a spotlight on Adolf Hitler. How did a sensitive boy, who wanted to be a painter, become one of the most horrifying leaders in history? The text follows young Adolf from early childhood up to his thirties, when he joined the Nazi party.

The Actors Rehearse the Story of Charlotte Salomon

One-woman play charting the relationship between actress Penny Kreitzer (co-author of the play), the artist Charlotte Salomon, and Charlotte's stepmother Paula Salomon-Lindberg, a renowned contralto and co-founder of The Kulturbund, the Nazi sanctioned Jewish Theatre in Berlin.

The Flight into Egypt

In the play’s first act, set in Lacznic Poland in 1939, a Jewish family is visited by an art professor who, though seemingly a gentile, is really a Jew passing in order to avoid the growing anti-Semitism of the academic world and to be able to leave for a professorship in New York. His visits lead to the family being attacked and only their daughter, with whom the art professor is in love, survives a horrific attack. Act 2 describes how the daughter, who is a gifted artist, is protected and hidden during the war in the basement apartment of a working class man. The benevolent common man and the art professor, who wants to assuage his guilt by returning to Poland after the war and convincing the young woman to leave for New York with him, are presented in sharp contrast.

Un Opera pour Terezín

Commemorates the annihilation of the European Jewish artists who were confined to the ghetto of Terezín in Czechoslovakia and is structured like a Passover seder. The piece is to last all night long and to be staged in sites across the world. Forty scenes show the fate of Terezin prisoners, based on the lives of camp musicians. There are no Nazis represented in the piece.