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Adam’s Purim Party [מסיבת הפורים של אדם]

Holocaust survivors invite their relatives to a Purim party, where the survivors put on a play abut the miraculous survival of Jews in Ancient Persia; at the same time, they present stories of their camp experiences and their survival. Adam, one of the survivors, and who was a clown before the war, survived because he willingly served as the commandant’s dog.

Gas [גזים]

A commandant of an extermination camp wishes to check the efficiency of the new gas chamber. He recruits two for the trial: a Jewish clown, star of silent films, and the gipsy servant of his own wife.

The Court Jesters [ליצני החצר]

Four Jewish prisoners in Auschwitz are chosen by the camp commandant to be his personal clowns. An astrologer, a midget, a juggler and a court judge are the four "lucky" clowns. During the day they work like all the other prisoners, and at night they perform for the SS officers for small pieces of bread. They all survive, and the play follows them later in life in Jerusalem and Argentina, where one of them is taking revenge.