Tags: genocide

Brother Eichmann [Brüder Eichmann]

A docudrama based on the interview of Adolf Eichmann, the administrator of the Final Solution, by his Israeli interrogator. While the play focuses on Eichmann and how an average man became the perpetrator of genocide, Kipphardt also includes scenes depicting other acts of political oppression from World War II until 1982, including Hiroshima, Vietnam, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Displaced Wedding [Di khasene in fernvald]

A group of survivors try to move on with their lives in a story featuring a talking clock, the ghosts of dead victims, Elijahu the Prophet, and The Messiah. In this adaptation, the play includes survivors of the Holocaust as well as survivors of more recent genocides.


Recounts a trip Redhill takes to Poland to find out more about his great-grandparents who died in the Holocaust. Thwarted by witnesses unwilling to talk, he returns home via London where he is introduced to Althea, a survivor of an unidentified late-20th-century genocide. He is told, in confidence, a terrible tale of murder and injustice. Goodness is a tense drama that explores genocide through an intricate knot of flashbacks.