Tags: Joseph Goebbels

Hitler on the Roof

A black comedy in which Dr. Joseph Goebbels and filmmaker Leni Riefenstahi are doomed to a perpetual afterlife where they must confront their pasts. Locked deep down inside the present-day Führerbunker, the two engage in cunning feats of denial, manipulation, and pure slapstick. Written during an alarming rise of Danish Nationalism in 2011, this play is a timely reminder of the consequences of selling lies as truth and propaganda as art.

In the Main Headquarters [במצבאה הראשית]

A farcical tale set in a Nazi headquarters involving Goering, Goebbels, Bormann, Hitler, the illegitimate child of a German officer, and an old Jewish man. Goering and Goebbels argue with Bormann over the fate of the child, but Hitler shoots her. Hitler and the officers then torment a soldier and an old Jewish man by taking shots at them.

The Beasts

Described as a comedy by the author, the play focuses on a fictional key member of Hitler's trusted advisors (possibly based on Rudolf Hess) who is now imprisoned by the Allies. In dream-like sequences, the jailed former high ranking official envisions former colleagues, including the Führer, Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Minister of Propaganda, and Hermann Goering, a key Nazi military leader and for a time Hitler's designated successor.

The Canary [Der Kanarienvogel]

Soprano Anna Kirkland starred as legendary soprano Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, long believed to have been a Nazi sympathizer. The play with music explores her affair with Reich Minister Joseph Goebbels and her connections with the inner sanctums of The Third Reich.