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Dr. Ruth, All the Way

The story of Dr. Ruth Westheimer’s incredible journey preceding her career as a pioneering radio and television sex therapist. From fleeing the Nazis in the Kindertransport, losing both her parents in the Holocaust, and joining the Haganah in Jerusalem as a sniper, to her struggle to succeed as a single mother newly-arrived in America.

Goodbye Marianne

Based on the playwright’s experience as a child in Nazi Germany immediately after Kristallnacht, 1938. Marianne finds one day that she is no longer permitted to attend school. She meets Ernst, a boy staying in her apartment building while on holiday in Berlin. She finds out he is a member of the Hitler Youth and Ernst realizes that Marianne is Jewish. They argue and she fears their friendship is over. Marianne’s father is in hiding from the Gestapo, and her mother tries to protect her from the reality of their circumstances. Through Kindertransport, Marianne is able to escape to Canada. Before she leaves, Ernst gives her a gift, which renews her faith in humanity and gives her hope for the future.


Kindertransport is based on the experiences of children who were allowed to leave Nazi Germany for England in 1938/39 and who were separated from their families, many of whom perished during the Holocaust. Through flashbacks, the play presents the hardships faced by Eva, a nine-year-old child sent on a Kindertransport and taken in by a British family. The play also focuses on the now assimilated and completely dislocated Eva’s alienation from her actual mother, a survivor of the Holocaust, and the discovery by Faith, Eva’s daughter, of her mother’s unspoken past.

Platform Free

Platform Free is mainly set in Prague and London shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War. Teddy has escaped Nazi forces by Kindertransport to London believing his sweetheart Monika will be able to join him. Her train is prevented from leaving Prague by the outbreak of the war. Monika and her family are deported on trains east to the concentration camps of the Holocaust.


Suitcase is a site-specific promenade performance created to tell the story of the first arrivals in Britain of the Kindertransport, performed at train stations. Suitcase takes its audience on a journey around the station, meeting children who came on the Kindertransport as well as an organizer for the Refugee Children's Movement, a fundraising railway worker, foster parents waiting for their assigned child and a tea-drinking woman objecting to the arrival of the children. The performance features songs of the time and original music.

Three Kinds of Exile (Act 1)

The experiences of a British Kindertransport survivor is recounted by an American friend.

Vienna, Love

Life in 1938 Vienna is increasingly dangerous for the Stern and Auge families. Musically gifted Ilse Stern is able to travel to England by Kindertransport and build a new life while all other family members are trapped in Nazi controlled Austria, 1939.