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Dietrich & Chevalier: The Musical

A musical about the relationship between Maurice Chevalier and Marlene Dietrich—the love affair that turned into a loyal friendship, and how it ultimately affected Chevalier’s fate after the defeat of the Nazis in 1945. At the end of the war, Marlene’s staunch anti-Nazi convictions made her an honored hero, while Maurice was put on trial in France for treason because of the choices he made to protect his family during the war. The musical begins on New Year’s Eve 1941 at the Casino de Paris, but then traces the relationship back to Hollywood 1932, where Maurice and Marlene meet at Paramount Studios. Both become world-renowned stars, they fall in love, and then remain friends for life. The fascinating story of their complicated relationship is set against the backdrop of World War II, highlighting the consequences of their personal decisions, and how their friendship remains strong in Chevalier’s hour of need.