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Not Because of the Memories [לא בגלל הזכרונות]

In the middle of a Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony, a young man jumps onto the stage and asks to commemorate the occasion in a different way. He is a grandson of a survivor, and he wishes to tell the love stories that are tied with his family history, and are tightly connected with the fate of the Jews and the State of Israel. The text combines segments from poems and prose written about the Holocaust.

The Empty Field [Puste Pole]

The play, set in a concentration camp memorial run by a survivor haunted by his experiences there. The author was a Polish survivor of Auschwitz who was involved in the establishment of the memorial at that extermination center.

The Man From There [האיש משם]

Moish is a distant relative of Haim, his wife Dafna and their son Erez. Moish won't grow old and won't change his stripy pajamas. He comes for a surprise visit in order to make his dream come true: he wishes to move the old concentration camps to Israel. Haim sees commercial potential (that might help the family’s financial problems) and Moish gets assistance from Dafna’s brother, who is a cultural attaché in Germany. Dafna is against the plan since she doesn't want her home being turned into a memorial site for painful events.