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Hanna Senesh [חנה סנש]

The true story of the Jewish girl the Allies sent to Nazi-occupied Hungary in an attempt to save the country’s Jewish population. Hannah Senesh was living in Israel on a kibbutz, but when the horror of the camps came to her attention, she joined the Resistance and became a paratrooper. She was sent to Hungary, where she was captured, tortured and interrogated in jail, until her identity was discovered. Her mother was also captured, in order to pressure Hanna to talk. Hannah stands trial, and in the end is sentenced to death.


A piece of dramatic documentary theatre, crafted around the historically accurate events in the life of Hannah Senesh, a paratrooper during World War II, who volunteered for a mission with the British armed forces to evacuate Jewish citizens out of her native Hungary.

Hannah’s Road [דרכה של חנה]

A retelling of the heroism of Hannah Senesh, who escaped to Palestine from Nazi Europe, then parachuted into Yugoslavia to try to rescue Hungarian Jews, but was captured and executed by the Nazis at the age of 23.

The Spark, Hannah Senesh

Along with composer Sandy Shanin, has written this about (Senesh), a play that emphasizes her heroism as a parachutist from British Mandate Palestine to Hungary. The play was a semi-finalist of the Eugene O’Neill Musical Theater Conference in 2009. It was selected for the Monday Night Reading Series of Theatre Building Chicago, as well as for the Pacific Palisades, CA Playwrights Festival in 2010.