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The Last Rat of The Theresienstadt

THE LAST RAT OF THERESIENSTADT, a show about Sofia Brünn, a Weimar cabaret star from 1930’s Berlin who finds herself transplanted to Theresienstadt, a concentration camp in Czechoslovakia. In this completely foreign habitat, she forges an unlikely friendship with Pavel, a rat (played by a puppet), who despite the lack of food that has driven away the rest of his kind, remains out of love for her and her art. THE LAST RAT is show about resistance and hope, and the need to fill the soul as well as the body. A black comedy, it’s a low tech, multi-media play with music, rod/bunraku style puppetry (our titular Rat), shadow puppetry, overhead projections (artwork from the camp used to set the scene and illustrate a landscape for our story) — and three performers. https://kofest.com/product/last-rat-of-theresienstadt/


This play with music, based on the real story of a Holocaust survivor, won a local in New Jersey. The playwright also performed, portraying the survivor’s mother. Along with her husband, the mother pushed her daughter out of the window of a cattle car transporting Jews to the Majdanek death camp.