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No Luggage No Return

Recently unearthed from a BBC archive by Dr James Jordan of the Parkes Institute at the University of Southampton, the play tells the story of the German railway workers whose job it was to transport Jews to the death camp at Treblinka. Originally a radio play on the BBC’s Home Service, it has been adapted for the stage by Solent lecturer Matt Fletcher, and will be performed in front of an audience that will include Holocaust survivors.

The Singer of Shanghai, Radio Play

The graduate students in the Valparaiso University Arts and Entertainment Administration program have written and produced a new radio play titled “The Singer of Shanghai.” Shanghai, China, was a beacon of hope for Jewish refugees escaping the horrors of Hitler’s regime. This city became a new home on foreign land for all in search of refuge to begin anew. Shanghai was the only city in the world whose doors remained open that did not require any documentation for those in search of a new home. The city was a melting pot of varying national backgrounds of Jewish immigrants; Sephardic Jews, Russian Jews, Austrian, German and Polish Jews to name a few. Restarting their lives in unknown territory revealed their tenacity, courage and comradery. This production features a self written student script under the direction of Historian Kevin Ostoyich and Director Kari-Anne Innes. The production tells the story of the Abraham family and their brave journey to Shanghai, China during World War II. Join us in early May to hear the empowering story of Ida Abraham and her perseverance to get her family out of Hitler ruled Germany to Shanghai where they would be safe from the Nazis.