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On the Other Side of the World

1939, Germany, as Hitler's army gains momentum, only one port remains open to thousands of fleeing Jewish refugees: Shanghai, China. Inspired by the memoirs of many, and told through the eyes of a fiercely resilient young woman. On The Other Side of the World tells the dramatic, incredible, and rarely told true story of a young girl, her family, and a community who sought shelter and survival in a country and culture unlike their own. A story of hope, love, survival and adventure.

The Best Worst Place

Between 1937 and 1947, twenty thousand European Jews were refused entry to the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, South Africa, Central America and Australia. Only Shanghai, the colorful and corrupt international city teeming with displaced persons from around the world, accepted them without visas. Although originally allowed anywhere in the city, they were eventually forced into a square mile ghetto, which they shared with 100,000 of the poorest Chinese. The Best Worst Place, follows Eva Broder, an adolescent girl who grows to maturity in one of the most crowded, crime-ridden ghettos.