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The play is set during WWII. The key characters are Brendan Bracken, who was Minister of Information under Churchill and William Joyce, who was residing in the Third Reich serving as an English speaking mouthpiece for Nazism on German Radio. The collaborator was honored with a service medal by the Führer. While both are actual historical figures, the play is fictional. Doublecross is highly theatrical, with one actor playing Bracken and Joyce. All the other characters are played by two additional actors and there are speeches spoken directly to the audience.

Hanging Lord Haw-Haw

Pro-Nazi broadcaster William Joyce (known as Lord Haw-Haw by the British) is brought to vivid life in this imaginative depiction of his career and relationships. Beginning in his Brixton Jail cell where he is being held on trial for treason after WWII, we flash back in time to follow Joyce through the churning politics of 1930s London and on to the unlikely position of broadcasting Nazi propaganda to the Allies from a radio station in Berlin. A brisk, smart, disturbing, and often humorous portrayal of a complicated man.