Tags: World War II

An Angel from Auschwitz

A world in two acts: Act one is about an 18-year-old named Terry who, in 1971, tries to persuade his reticent father to talk about some terrible thing that he witnessed during World War II. Act two takes place a couple of decades later, when Terry, 40, is visited, along with his wife and 16-year-old daughter, by a Holocaust survivor who has come to make far-reaching demands on their lives and their emotions.

Badenheim 1939 [באדנהיים, עיר נופש]

Every year, in Badenheim, a hedonistic crowd is gathered, waiting for the opening of the arts festival, all the while ignoring the signs of the coming catastrophe. But the inevitable happens: they all get taken to the train station, to be stuffed into cargo cars that will take them east.

The Banality of Love [הבנאליות של האהבה]

The complex love story between Hannah Arendt and Martin Heidegger. The play is set in 1920 when Arendt and Heidegger are young, during their affair, and in the “present” 1975, where a young Israeli student is interviewing a much older Arendt for the archive of the Hebrew University. During the interview Arendt exposes more than the known facts. Heidegger was Ardent's professor, and was a married man. He was also a known Nazi supporter. After the war, Arendt reconnects with Heidegger.